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Discover Little Acorns Montessori School

Windlesham Road, Priestwood, Bracknell

       RG42 1GG     

Set back from the road in the residential area of Priestwood stands the Bracknell campus. This school was opened in 2013 and has grown and developed to become an  integral part of our local community. We pride ourselves in the support we give to our children and parents.

After hours show-rounds are now available at Bracknell. To arrange a visit, please use the form on the 'Contact Us' page.
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Bracknell: Welcome
Bracknell: Programs
Bracknell: Programs
Bracknell: Programs

Outdoor Play

Our garden has been upgraded to include a soft-landing surface, a climbing frame with a slide and a fireman’s pole. We also have a mud kitchen, sand and waterplay areas and a digging area where children can look for worms and other exciting wildlife! We also have a Pirate ship which the children love to play in.

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Montessori Maths and Language

Small phonics groups teach the children letter sounds.  When each child is ready, they progress to blending sounds to read simple words.  Once the child is confident sounding out and blending they are ready to become supported independent readers.  Montessori Mathematic skills are also developed in small groups throughout the session, always working to the child's individual ability.  The children are then ready for the transition into primary school with all the attributes necessary to continue their learning & development.

2 Year Old's Room

The designated two year old room is completely carpeted to allow younger children to work comfortably on the floor.  During freeflow the younger children are welcome to explore the three year old room as well.  Activities in this room focus on early concepts such as big/little, sorting objects, early number recognition 1-5 along with construction, creativity and role play areas.

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Our Main Hall

During free flow, the children can choose to work with the Montessori materials, mark making, construction or role play in the home corner to name but a few activities.  The activities in this room lead on from the child’s experiences in the two year old room with natural progression, the children are free to move between the two rooms .  The role of the teachers in this area is to watch the children play/work and enhance their development, when appropriate, without intruding on the child’s natural curiosity to explore and experiment.

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Setting Overview

We are very lucky at Little Acorns Bracknell as we have sole use of the buildings and gardens giving the children a safe and secure place to play, learn and develop. The building has been updated and has undergone extensive improvements including new bathrooms, doors, windows and roof.

Safe Hands

The setting is led by a Montessori teacher who has a degree in Early Years Education, vast S.E.N experience and over 25 years of Montessori teaching experience.  Our motivated Early Years teaching staff are trained to nurture and bring out the best in your child at such a vital stage in their development.

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