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Discover Little Acorns Montessori School



St Peters Hall, Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, Windsor, Berkshire


Based in a hall in a beautiful rural area easily accessed from Ascot, Windsor and Bracknell.  Little Acorns opened in 1994 in Winkfield, and has continued to flourish ever since. We currently have an Outstanding Ofsted rating and look forward to welcoming you to our setting.
After hours show-rounds are now available at Ascot. To arrange a visit, please use the form on the 'Contact Us' page.
Windsor: Welcome
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 Click the button for a virtual tour. If you would like us to talk you through it as you pan through then please use the form on the  'Contact Us'  page.
Windsor: Programs

Safe Hands

The setting is led by a Montessori teacher who has over 25 years experience and a teaching degree. Our motivated Early Years teaching staff are trained to nurture and bring out the best in your child at such a vital stage in their development.
Kids Drawing
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The Hub

At Winkfield we have a large bright hall where all the children can play together during free flow time. Here there are also designated focus areas which are accessible at all times. We use many Montessori Mathematics and Literacy equipment and both Mathematics and Literacy are taught in small groups.  The focus in Literacy is on phonics.

2 Year old Room

We also have a dedicated two year old room which is carpeted to allow the younger children to work on the floor in comfort.  We have also found that the younger children settle in the smaller, cosier space. Here we have many Montessori activities which are perfect for their fine motor skill development
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Outdoor Play

 From here you can flow naturally into our outdoor garden which has sand, water and a mud kitchen as well as a quiet area, this allows our 2 year olds the freedom to play in a secure and peaceful environment.
Outside we have a large main playground, which we set out each day with a variety of toys, we also have a large slide and climbing wall and a mud pit and mud kitchen where the children can get truly messy.

Creative Play

This room leads into our dedicated messy play room where all children can explore the joys of creativity. Tuff tray activities, painting, sand, foam and many other varied activities are offered on a daily basis. This room is open every day thus giving all children the opportunity to try out new activities.
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So much to learn

Language, numeracy, creativity, science and discovery, music and physical activity are all incorporated into the day through a wide and engaging range of play and practical activities.


Your child will enjoy freedom to make choices about their activities within the structure of the curriculum. The Nursery staff will work closely with them while they develop language skills, stretch their imagination, discover new concepts and materials and learn to share and socialise with their classmates and embrace diversity. All the while they will be continually observed and their skills, interests and needs recorded as part of their individual learning plan.
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Windsor: Programs
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